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Wetsuit Care and Maintenance:

The following care and maintenance instructions are most important for prolonging the life of your wetsuit:


Do not put a wetsuit in the washer or dryer. Although this sounds obvious, people have done it anyway.

Rinse your entire wetsuit (including the zipper) with cold water thoroughly after each use. A mild liquid soap (wetsuit shampoo, baby shampoo, Woolite) can and should be used periodically.

Always best to let your wetsuit dry inside out, and away from direct sunlight.

When storing your wetsuit, hang it on a wide plastic or wood hanger. Always store it away from sharp or abrasive surfaces and be sure to secure the Velcro closures in the neck area as it can wear a whole in your wetsuit.



Can I visit the factory to purchase a wetsuit?


There is no store at the Aleeda factory. The only way to purchase an Aleeda Wetsuit is online. 

When is the next factory clearance sale?

We no longer have factory sales...